Miss Bikini Universe S’pore 2018 Discrowned Allegedly Due to ‘Rudeness’

Now, if you’re here for some pretty images, sorry, there isn’t anything. Go buy some FHM or something.

If you’re here because you’re just as curious as we are, read on because we’re as busybody as you.

Miss Bikini Universe Singapore 2018

First off, what is Miss Bikini Universe Singapore?

I won’t blame you if you’ve not heard of it before: me neither.

Apparently, it’s not the Ris Low thingy we’re talking about here, but a, according to its Facebook Page (the website led to a 404 not found page), a “competition of the highest caliber in the pageant world. Contestants competing will be judged hugely based on their fitness physique.”

To add on, “Miss Bikini Universe Singapore is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gather, network, build portfolios, gain exposure, shoot for magazines, walk in fashion shows, enhance, expand and launch careers, build life-lasting friendships and inspire and motivate others to start their fitness, health and wellness journey.”

There isn’t much result in a Google search, except for another Miss Bikini Universe Singapore 2014, which we’re not certain if they’re of the same organizer, although in both pageants, the winner would get to compete in China.

Okay, now you know more about Miss Bikini Universe 2018 (trust me, that’s about all you get to know), what happened?

Is it another Ris Low or what?

Winner of Miss Bikini Universe 2018 Allegedly Striped of her Crown, Cash Prize & Others

According to the winner of Miss Bikini Universe 2018, Feline Wong Xin Yi, she allegedly claimed that after requesting for her cash prize via WhatsApp, she was deemed “rude” and soon after, de-crowned.

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