Fake SG Bonus SMS Looking to Scam S’poreans; MOF Has Issued an Advisory

Image: Images By Kenny / Shutterstock.com & Facebook (Maurice Han)

Let’s just say that scammers are really in the loop of what’s happening in Singapore (if these scammers are based overseas, that is).

Just about two weeks ago, it was announced that all Singaporeans above 21 years old would be receiving SG Bonus of $100 to $300. People who have registered their mobile number with Singpass will also receive a SMS notification like this:

Most Singaporeans would receive the cash automatically if they have signed up for other government payment schemes in the past, so most of us won’t need to do anything. The amount would just appear in our bank account.

For people who haven’t signed up before (must be those young fellows who just turned 21 lah), they would be informed on how they can sign up: they can only do it online through official channel or through hardcopy forms in CCs or CPF service centres.

The only new element for this SG Bonus is for people who has registered their NRIC with PayNow, a platform that allows customers of nine banks in Singapore to transfer funds easily (Smart Nation, yo). This group of people would receive their SG Bonus earlier (by 30 November 2018).

The official website for SG Bonus is www.singaporebudget.gov.sg/sgbonus

Scam SMS Making Its Rounds

As if on cue, scammers appeared again, this time in a form of SMS. Here, take a look at the fake SMS:

Image: Facebook (Maurice Han)
What’s even scarier is that the “sender” is from a so-called “GOV.SG”, which, for your info, can be spoofed easily with software.

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