Apple Issues #ChargeGate Solution for New iPhones, But Some Problems Still Unsolved

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I bet most of you who clicked into this article aren’t an iPhone user. Even if you’re one, you don’t have the latest iPhone.

You’re here just to laugh at the fellows who queued overnight for the latest iPhone XS series.

Because the first version, as expected, were filled with bugs.

Here’s an image of a cat for you to laugh at.


Okay, done with your laughter? Let’s begin.

iPhone XS Series Charging Issue

In case you’ve no idea what your Android friends are laughing about, here’s a recap: in the latest additions to the iPhone family, some of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models have an issue known as #ChargeGate.

So basically, the phones won’t automatically charge when you plug the lightning cable into the phone when the device is on idle: you’d have to wake the phone up for it to charge.

YouTuber Unbox Therapy uploaded a video that showcased the problem:

It’s a nightmare for some, especially if this problem wasn’t known in advance: imagine plugging in your phone before you sleep, expecting it to be fully charged in the morning only to realize you’d have to read a book on your way to work that day.

Also, it turned out that even older iPhones that have upgraded to iOS 12 face this issue as well.

Apple hasn’t officially announced anything about it, but it turns out that they know about this problem: the latest iOS update explicitly mention a fix about this issue.

Problem Fixed in iOS 12.0.1

A few days back, iOS 12.0.1 was released. For a layman like me, here’s a basic explanation of what the number mean: usually, if there are three digits (1.1.1), the first digit change (the one on the left) means a major update that could mean a large overhaul, the second digit change means it’s a major upgrade and the last digit change means it a minor upgrade, usually to fix bugs or introduce minor upgrades.

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