Paying Over $100 to Watch The World Cup in S’pore Just Isn’t Worth It

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The World Cup’s coming soon, and you know what that means:

Goddamn exorbitant television rates, that’s what it is.

Granted, it’s still the same rate as four years ago at $112.35, and if you think about it the old half full half empty way there’s at the very least no price hike or anything. But $112.35, you freaking serious? I could buy a Game Boy with that amount, and it will last me forever!

Also, it’s hard not to feel cheated when our neighbours in Malaysia are enjoying free coverage of the grand event (granted, it’s only 41 out of 65 matches, and even then 14 are delayed telecasts. But it’s still a hell lot more than what our nation’s willing to offer us for free)

We, on the other hand, are left with our sorry asses glued to a couple of telecasters’ noses. And on top of smelling our asses, they want well over $100 bucks to smell it.

Goddamn it.

So if you can’t already tell, I’m pretty sore over the fact that we have to pay so much for it. Which is also why I consented to pen this article, because I want to properly evaluate the exorbitant prices they charge us for a month’s pleasure.

Is it worth it or not? That’s what I’ll be finding out, and presenting to you guys. It might not be gratifying; it might not be mind-boggling. Heck, it could just be my computer spewing a whole ton of rubbish, but I will endeavor to do my best till the very end.

Note: this commentary will be 100% unbiased. Or I will set fire to my boss’ brand new car.

Note: After vetting through this article, I’ve deemed it to be penned with 100% fair judgement. – Boss (to save the car)


So apparently I have a maximum word count to reach, and as such I will contend to gloss over the main details of the tournament (you can read all about it in an article here that was penned by… you guessed it, yours truly). But basically, World Cup 2018 is all about these:

  • It’s the 21st FIFA World Cup
  • The hosting country’s Russia
  • Italy and Netherlands are not involved in this year’s edition. Meaning to say that you can’t see class acts such as Gianluigi Buffon, Daniele De Rossi and Memphis Depay ply their trade.
  • Egypt’s in this year’s edition, but Salah might not be participating because of what I like to call the Ramos Job. So in essence Egypt’s in the World Cup but it might not quite be inside either.

Nothing ground-breaking, nothing particularly secretive either; it’s all basically just plain facts laid bare for all to see.

So is it worth it?

Considering you’re watching 22 men chase after balls for 90 minutes, 64 matches a month for $112.35, I would say that it’s pretty darn worth it. After all, there are plenty other ways to blow a hundred bucks, like chasing the wrong pair of balls and not getting any. 

But jokes aside, is it really worth it? We pit the offer against other available promotions, and size things up.

Free 2018 FIFA World Cup Pack with Singtel TV

That’s right; Singtel, in a move that breaks away from its fellow collaborators Toggle and Starhub, has come up with a way for you to watch the World Cup. For free.

But like everything else in this world, it’s not exactly for free. To be eligible for the promotion, you have to first subscribe to any Singtel TV Trio/ Variety/ Value Pack. And seeing how the cheapest plan starts from $50++/month, we would say that you’re not really getting the World Cup perks cheap, unless you’ve of course already been planning to renew your contract.

To be fair, though, you get the first two months off. And the fact that you can watch live matches outside with Singtel TV GO doesn’t hurt either.

Free matches

Every World Cup, consumers are treated to four free matches on TV. But it seems that this time round, Singapore has been more lenient with plugging out its stops, with nine key matches slated to air on TV this June/July. With those nine matches in sight (and considering that they’re likely to be lit ones, not lame ones like Noob Team A vs Noob Team B), it makes you wonder whether the World Cup Package is even relevant anymore. But don’t be impressed just yet; moving on.

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