McD’s New Chicken Pizza Kicks Review: Meatballs That Should Stay as Perm Menu

When McDonald’s announces the return of McGriddles, everyone went giddy about the burger: from what I can tell online, it’s a burger that people have been looking forward to since 1819.

I don’t remember having the McGriddles before (maybe because I wasn’t born yet), so I can’t say much about it.

My colleague got to eat and review this ‘coz he won in scissors-paper-stone

Turns out that other than McGriddles, the World Cup fever has brought in other new items as well: according to McDonald’s Facebook Page, there’s a Party McFLURRY and a Banana Cone.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)

And also, something known as Chicken Pizza Kicks.

Now, that’s a handful. What the heck is a Pizza Kick?

Turns out, it’s a meatball with pizza sauce within it. Think of it like the cheese meatball you have during steamboat: fry it with flour and substitute the cheese with pizza sauce, and it’ll be called Chicken Pizza Kicks.

If I were working in McDonald’s, I’ll call it McMeatball, but I guess that’s why I’m still working for Goody Feed.

The reason for the name is simple: it, well, looks like footballs (info not by McDonald’s but by my completely inaccurate observation).

On first glance, it doesn’t look anything remotely McDonald’s; remove the packaging and you might think that it’s some innovative fried balls invented by a hipster cafe. Heck, you might just find avocado in it.

But once it’s in your mouth…you’ll realize it doesn’t taste anything remotely McDonald’s as well.

I’ll try my best to be a food blogger and describe the taste to you: imagine a nugget that’s shaped in a sphere. There’s a hollow space within it with the pizza sauce that you’ve bought from a supermarket. Now, imagine the ball being deep-fried with bread crumbs (I think-ed?).

Take a bite and that’s how it tastes like.

To put it bluntly, it’s just a few familiar items mashed together. Which, if you think about it, is like World Cup: it’s just a few familiar players coming together kick a ball into a specific area.

So, how does it taste like when everything is together?

Reading this might be as boring as hearing your lecturer talks about microeconomics, but it’s a different story when you eat it.

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