Super Local & Cute Bubble Tea, Kopi, Curry Puff Earrings Are Being Sold in S’pore

Image: Instagram (

A year ago, this went viral for obvious reasons:


A few days ago, this went viral as well and it’s no surprise.

Image: Facebook (BMYTA . 北冥有獭)

But let’s face it: takeaway kopi and teh are only for my old boss.

Because in this online sphere that comprise more Instagram kids than old Facebook adults, you need this:

Yeah, now we’re talking.

Bubble Tea Earrings

Unlike the takeaway kopi key chains and earrings, this shop hails from Singapore.

Known as, this shop hand-makes all its miniature clay accessories, and most of them are extremely local.

So local, I think Phua Chu Kang might be behind it, but let’s leave that for another day.

In their Shopee shop, you can find curry puff earrings for just $8.80…


…ba zhang earrings from $14.80…


…and even otah earrings from $8.80.


You can see all the shop’s fabulous creations here.

But a wise man once said, “If you’ve got the best, put it on Instagram.” And that seems true for, because Instagram’s where the gems are hidden.

Unique, Fun & Interesting Gems in Instagram

Unlike their Shopee and Carousell shop,’s Instagram has some rather unique pieces that are to kill for. Just take a look at these keychains that would surely be a conversation starter:

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