Another Case of Person Fined for Holding Finished Cigg in Covered Walkway

Image: Facebook (Goh Jaelyn)

About two weeks ago, a single Facebook post was shared well over 6K times, and it’s not about a Ah Lian hooking Chicken Rice or Wanton Mee with her unique T-shirt.

Instead, it’s about a lady who was caught for holding a finished cigarette in a void deck.

In Yishun no less.

Long story cut short, lady walked to void deck to stub out her cigarette after smoking in a legal area, but NEA officer still fined her for holding a “lighted cigarette” in a no-smoking zone (i.e. void deck).

So far, even when the incident has gone viral, NEA has no responded.

And three days ago, it happened again.

Same Incident, Different Area

Meet Facebook user Goh Jaelyn. She’s a pretty lady whom you’d love to date for a few lifetimes, and she has red nails. But that’s not the point.

The point is, she, just like the Yishunite mentioned earlier, was fined for walking towards a dustbin in a no-smoking area to stub out her cigarette.

Here’s her experience:

I’d have loved to summarize her points for you, but given that I’m lazy af she’s written pretty well, I’ll just paste what she has typed in full: On 05/11/2018 at about 2.30pm I left my hdb block and walked to the bus stop for my lunch appointment. Usually it takes me about 7 mins to walk from my house to the bus stop.

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