Study Shows That S’pore Workers Aren’t Productive, Spending Only 60% of Their Time Doing Key Duties

In a surprising report recently, a study has stated that Singaporeans were the least productive compared to 11 other countries in a recent poll.

If you’re Singaporean, you must be thinking “This is all rubbish. I work hard what!”

The study was conducted by enterprise software firm Unit4. Based on their findings, Singaporeans only spent 60% of their time doing key tasks that were directly related to their job productivity.

Before we actually start jumping up and down in indignation, let’s look at what Unit4 actually defines as ‘unproductive’. When the survey was carried out involving 1,500 respondents from 11 countries, they were asked how they spent their working hours.

In the study, it was found that Singaporeans spent a total of 380 hours per year or about 47.5 days out of the year doing repetitive and administrative tasks.

So you see where this is going. When Unit4 did the survey, they didn’t define ‘unproductive’ as playing with your phone or surfing Facebook at work (although you actually shouldn’t do that in any case).

The definition of ‘unproductive’ here was actually performing repetitive and mind numbing tasks like unnecessary paperwork that doesn’t actually help things happen in the workplace. The data showed that Singaporeans actually spent up to an equivalent of two months out of the year doing tasks that don’t achieve anything solid.

So, yeah, not this.

Apparently this loss of productivity is causing Singapore to lose up to $36.5 Billion a year. It’s a pretty grim prospect as this coincides with difficulties in transforming the way Singaporean businesses are run, as well as an ageing demographic which could result in a slimmer workforce in the future.

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