There’s Going to be a New High-SES Indie Cinema in King Albert’s Park

Image: Eaglewings Group

Yes, my dear Bukit Timah residents, the headline’s 100% true.

No more scooting all the way to Clementi or Jurong East just for some big screen entertainment. 

You’ve suffered enough, and we totally understand that.

Therefore, rejoice, as we present this piece of news to you guys with the utmost glee… A new cinema is gonna open in the Bukit Timah Road area in early December!

Image: Eaglewings Group
Image: Gfycat

And what’s more, this particular cinema…

Will be pretty darn atas.

EagleWings Cinematics

Located in the King Albert Park Residences Mall, EagleWings Cinematics will feature two halls with premium seats and two halls with standard seats.

Incidentally, KAP Residences Mall is situated at 9, King Albert Park.


Run by retail and lifestyle company EagleWings Group, the cinema is an independent operation and is not a branch of one of Singapore’s major multiplex chains, like Golden Village, Shaw Organisation or Cathay Cineplexes.

If you don’t know where it is, it used to be the place that housed one of the most iconic McDonald’s in the history the universe:

Image: Remember Singapore

Yes, we’re talking about that King Albert Park that’s a stone’s throw away from NP and SIM.

Atas Seats

According to Straits Times, the standard halls will have 60 and 63 seats each respectively, while the premium halls will have 12 and 18 each respectively.

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