There are Vending Machines in S’pore That Give Out ‘Lucky’ 4D Number for $2

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When a road accident occurs, there’re generally three types of people:

First on the list is the kind that leaps into action, puff out their chests and valiantly call 995 while desperately reviving the poor guy/girl (if there’s any).

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Secondly, we got the kind that hovers around with their phones in place, not to make an urgent call to the folks over at Healthcare, but to fill up their Instagram story content for the day.

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And last but not least, we have perhaps the most infamous one of all:

The kind that snoops in, takes a careful look at the car plate number, zooms off to the nearest Singapore Pools outlet and throws in a hefty bet.

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Indeed, when it comes to gambling, there doesn’t seem to be a limit in place. But what seems to be the case, is that like everything else…

Number retrieval has also moved on with the times.

Meet Mr Vending Machine

At first glance, this vending machine, while outlandish in appearance, basically seems like your everyday vending machine. Except maybe with a somewhat forbidding expression staring down at you.

However, take a closer (even closer) look and you’ll realise that there’s more than meets the eye.


For this here, ladies and gentlemen…

Is one vending machine that dispenses 4D numbers for a small ‘fee’.

Image: YouTube

Deity housed in a vending machine

Situated in selected local Chinese temples, these machines have proved wildly popular, with 200300 cards sold each month. Incidentally, the one above, lest you didn’t catch it, is located at the oldest temple in Balestier.

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