Socks Inspired by Haw Flakes, Axe Brand Oil or Yakult Are Sold For $12.90 a Pair


We all know about Justin Trudeau, don’t we?

He recently became Singaporeans’ bae due to his respectful manners when he was here for the ASEAN Summit.

But didn’t you know that he likes to wear socks that even your hippest friend won’t dare to look at?

The highly charming leader of Canada has been sported wearing fun socks even during official visits, and he’s proud of it.


For some people, the first thing they look at when they meet Mr Trudeau is his socks, which is understandable.

I mean, he’s even donned a pair of Chewbacca socks.

Image: Vanity Fair

So much so that someone apparently gifted him a pair of socks that has her face on one feet and Mr Trudeau’s face on the other feet.


And the sporting politician is of course happy.


What a gentleman.

Now, if he’s a Singaporean, he’d be delighted to know that there are some fun socks on sale too.

Meet wheniwasfour

Local Designer That Won Hearts

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because they first came into the limelight with this bag.


The local designer has many other local-inspired items as well, like the 好公民 pillows and 好公民 earrings.


And they’ve really covered everything from top to bottom, because their socks are lit and Justin-Trudeau-ive.

Socks That Are Way, Way too Familiar

There are some things that don’t need an introduction, and this is one of them.

But why eat them when you can wear them?

Yeah, our favourite designer has made our childhood snack into a pair of socks Justin-Trudeau-ly. And it’s not just Haw Flakes. You’ve got Yakult socks…

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