There’s a Real Maggi Mee Bag & It Costs More Than SGD$300

Image: YouTube (ROMMY DEBOMMY) & (rommydebommy)

Last year, when this bag was sold in Singapore, everyone went apeshit over it.


It’s, after all, not just a bag: it’s a statement. It’s a statement to everyone that you’re a true-blue Singaporean and that you absolutely love your country’s culture.

Designed by local designer WHENIWASFOUR,  it’s sold at a reasonable $19.90 (I’ll buy it even if it’s at $190.90…if I had $190,90, that is).

It comes with a straw, so you can pretend to drink it when you see someone you don’t want to greet.

If you’re someone who thinks that every Hui Ling, Chew Ling or Yi Ling is carrying the usual LV bag, then you’ll have dug this bag.

But wait till you see what’s being sold elsewhere.

We all love instant noodles as much as we love air-conditioners: they’re our saviours when we realize that our wallets decided to break up with us in the middle of the night and we need something in our stomach.

Of course, we all know how unhealthy it is. Just take a look at this video we’ve done and you’ll “see” the health issues, especially for the ladies:

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Despite that, our love for instant noodles is still as strong as the relationship between Laurel and Yanny.

What other way to portray your love for instant noodles other than this?

Image: YouTube (ROMMY DEBOMMY)

Lest you think it’s a concept, you’re wrong.

Image: (rommydebommy)

It’s a real bag that’s manufactured and sold in Etsy (a popular e-commerce website like Qoo10 or Shopee that focuses on unique handmade products).

Just so you know, it’s not a product that’s listed there and receive no sales: as of now, there are well over 161 reviews. Quick maths would show that it’s selling as well as the pasar malan bag in your room that has been overused for years. And heck, it’s so popular, when I check it, there’s only one left in Esty.

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