SPF Shows BMW Car in Roadshow & They Look Lit & Stylo-Milo

Image: Facebook (Jean Lai) + Instagram (@xaverlur)

A few months ago, images of BMWs with SPF logos were circulated in WhatsApp, and it didn’t take long before it went viral on Facebook.

Channel NewsAsia then dug further and got this response from the police: “The Traffic Police procures new expressway patrol cars periodically as part of its vehicle replacement programme, as well as to enhance its operational capabilities and effectiveness…These new expressway patrol cars will replace the older models and should be ready for patrol duties by early 2019.”

Well, no response on whether it’s going to be Lamborghini, Ferrari or Rolls-Royce, but given that the previous expressway patrol cars used to be WRX (a very sporty and fast car) and Volvo S80 (you can call this a tank), we won’t be surprised if it’s yet another powerful or strong car.

After all, you can’t expect the Traffic Police to chase a speeding car in a Cherry QQ, right? That would be epic but highly inefficient.

Last weekend (which is incidentally yesterday and the day before that), SPF held a roadshow in Toa Payoh HDB Hub Atrium (anyone also sees our video on the big screen up there? :D), and people get to see (and confirm) the BMW Traffic Police car.

BMW 3-Series as Expressway Patrol Car

Lest you’re not aware, there are two types (more lah, but we focus on these two) of police cars.

One’s this:

Image: Facebook (Jean Lai)

It’s the usual police car that’ll come when you call the police. Currently, it’s a Chevrolet Cruze and according to one of my colleagues who has driven it (the model, not the police car lah), he has this to say: “Possibly one of the best cars to drive, though there are many problems.”

And then there’s the Traffic Police Expressway Patrol Car, the car that somehow have some magical power that’ll slow down cars around it even when they’re not speeding.

As the name suggests, it patrols expressway and is there to ensure that road users in Singapore obey the rules. Suffice to say, it has to be powerful since its role might include chasing speedsters.

Currently, it’s the Volvo S80.

Image: Flickr (nighteye)
Lest you guys are not aware, Volvo is considered a luxury brand, and is well-known for its safety. Just Google for videos of Volvo cars in a collision with walls and you’ll see many broken walls.

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