The Differences Between a Bachelor in Arts and a Bachelor in Science

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Both Bachelor of the Arts and Bachelor of the Science are undergraduate degrees offered in universities.

So where do the differences really lie, except for their names?

Here are the quick facts to consider before making a decision.

Scope VS Depth

Generally speaking, Bachelor of the Arts (BA) focuses more on the scope of learning and the Bachelor of the Science (BS) focuses more on the depth in the major.

BA provides students with extended knowledge across different fields especially those outside of their major. BS, on the other hand, focuses more on in-depth study in majors like Science and Psychology.

Types of subjects

Different universities offer different courses and different calculation systems. For example, NUS uses the Modular System and NTU uses the Academic Unit System.

Either way, there would be a difference in the core classes and electives to choose from, or different MC (Modular Credits)/AU (Academic Unit) awarded for subjects.

For example, BA in a science major may include other subjects like language while BS would focus on Science and Mathematics subjects.

Future Prospective

Where you go on after graduation is also an important consideration when you consider between Bachelor in the Arts and Bachelor of Science.

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