The Bias Reasons on Why a S’porean Uses iPhone & Refuses to Change to Android

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Disclaimer: this article might trigger your inner Android instincts, so click away if you’re easily angered because we’re not responsible for you killing your long lost Uncle Tom in a fit of rage.

You’ve been warned.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been using Apple. Not the fruit, but the smartphone. And as far as I’m concerned, that will never change.

Friends and colleagues alike have been trying to convince me otherwise. Asking me to change to an Android handset. Questioning my sanity when I stuck to the iPhone series. Gave 13 reasons why I should change phones. But throughout it all, I knew what I am.

An Apple fanboy, true and true.

Granted, Android might have higher specs. More functions. Widgets. Loopholes. No iTunes. But Apple does have its perks too, even if they are somewhat… harder to derive.

Before I continue, however, I just want to express that I write this article not to convince you that Apple’s better than Samsung. Rather, I’m trying to tell you why choose to use Apple, despite having more than adequate chances to switch camps.

If that’s not what you clicked on this article for, I’m not sorry. But since you’re here…

Why not hear me out? You never know; you might just learn something new that will change your whole life.

Easiest phone to use

Samsung. Image:
iPhone. image: Phone Arena

I won’t lie; I’m a sucker for comfort and fluidity.

And what more comfortable and fluid, than an iPhone’s interface?

Let’s not talk about the aesthetics, which is as smooth and easy on the eyes as a woman’s… handbag. Rather, let’s talk about user experience.

I mean; have you ever felt something as fluid as it? Seriously, if it was any more fluid I reckon you can actually go ice-skating on it (though for the sake of weight restrictions I would advise you not to).

Just unlock your phone, press an app, and you’re in. It’s that simple. No advanced, unnecessarily complicated Tamagotcha to do whatever you want. With an easy-to-interact interface and next to zero learning curve… it’s perfect for individuals of all ages. Like Lego bricks. Unless you decide to swallow one.

On the other hand, Android just feels like a tough nut to crack.


(Editor’s note: I’m sorry to interrupt, but doesn’t ALL phone do the same thing?)

Artificial Intelligence System

Siri. Image: Naked Security – Sophos
Bixby. Image: BetaNews
I know; I know. Half of you have probably never even heard of Siri or Bixby, much less used them. But it’s actually pretty useful if you know what they’re for. Like calling your mum without having to manually go through it.

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