Joseph Schooling Rumoured to Be Dating Another Swimmer Who’s From Malaysia

Image: Instagram (christinaloh95)

A school of fish, you say?

Did you know that schooling fishes are fishes that swim together, in the same direction in a coordinated manner?

Kid you not. Here, Google says one:

Image: We said it’s from Google liao, right?

I may be taking this too far, but it appears that our very own Schooling has taken a liking to a fellow fish and the two seem very much coordinated.

Image: Instagram (christinaloh95)

The Lucky Girl?

I can imagine numerous hearts shattering (mine included) at this piece of news. It appears that the two are very much bonded through their love for swimming as she is also a swimmer.

Was, actually.


Loh and Behold, Christina Loh. Any fan girl of schooling must have done her own digging.

My own digging informed me that the girl is a 23-year-old Malaysian; but the gold of the digging is the fact that she is a former Malaysian national swimmer.

According to The Star, Christina was Malaysian swimming team’s sweetheart, as she won the breaststroke event at the 2011 SEA Games in Palembang.

Malaysian national coach Paul Birmingham called Christina “an asset” as the Penang-born swimmer had a double gold medal feat at the Myanmar SEA Games in 2013.

Give it up girls, this girl is potentially the fish to Schooling’s heart.

Having graduated from Florida State University, Christina is currently based in Kuala Lumpur.

Are They just a rumor? Or the Real Thing? 

It may just be a speculation as Schooling has never publicly acknowledged any of these rumors. Still, being the gossipy people that we are…

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