S’porean Booked Driver for Overseas Trip & Driver Allegedly MIA After Taking Money

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It’s the end of the year!

And that means…?

Technology is super nifty right now. That and globalisation.

Even before you reach foreign soil, you’re now able to book anything and everything you’d need in the middle of a workday. Shh, don’t tell my boss I said that.

No more trying to bamboozle your way through a foreign language, mangling it and risking getting mangled for doing it.

Instead, everything’s awesome with English, or Google Translate.

But just like your non-existent $100,000 note, everything comes with two different sides.

Sure, it’s more convenient. But at the same time, it’s riskier as well, as Facebook user Jillian Chia would tell you.

Facebook User Uploaded Experience About Overseas Driver Scam

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On 1 Dec 2018, Facebook user Jillian Chia uploaded a lengthy post onto Facebook about her nightmarish trip to Cebu.

Went For a 5 Day 4 Night Holiday in Cebu

According to her Facebook Post, she went to Cebu for a five-day-four-night trip with four other girls.

They were recommended to a driver, (Jeffrey Subing Subing) Archilles Oddyssy, and decided to engage his services.

They paid 27,500 Pesos (~S$712.50) for him to bring them around the island, as well as to book their accommodations and itinerary for the trip.

In case you’re not aware, some people like to engage a personal driver + car during their trips so they won’t need to spend precious time and money finding a taxi.

Things Started Going Wrong When They Reached Cebu

So there they are, having done all the prep, thinking they’ll just relax, enjoy and have fun.

Image: makeameme.org

When they arrived at Cebu Mactan International Airport, Jeffrey was late by an hour.

And when he finally arrived, it wasn’t in a van but two cars instead. He claimed that his van was towed away.

After arriving at their accommodations, they were ready to go for a city tour. But their driver told them that as there’s not enough time left for the day, so he brought them to a wine shop to make up for the missed tour.

Driver Asked For Extra Money Despite Them Already Having Paid For it

After the wine stop, the driver asked for an extra 1,250 Pesos (~$32.30) for “entry + miscellaneous + government fees” to go to Bohol.

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