Free 6-Pcs Nuggets Or Large Fries From McDonald’s Delivery With These Promo Codes

Image: Robson90 / (Picture is for illustration purpose only)

McDonald’s is awesome. Especially their new McGriddles.

If you haven’t tried it, here’s what it tastes like.

Good. 15/10, as some would say.

Image: Twitter (Ray)

Instead of an explosion of flavours (which is used too much in food reviews), I’d say it’s like a fusion between east and west. Two flavours so different from one another, yet able to blend so well together like Laksa and pasta.

Plus, you won’t get too jelat from the sweet maple syrup.

But here’s something that’ll make it even more awesome.

So, what can make something that awesome even more awesome? Well, when you score a 6 pc nugget, or a large fries, for free.

Yes. For. Free.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

From now till 11 Jul 2018, score yourself free nuggets or fries when you order via McDelivery.

Here, take a look. We tried it and when the free nuggets appear, all our eyes lit up.

Simply enter these promo codes upon checkout

So, what are the promo codes? There are two of them: one is for a large fries (worth $3.70) and the other for 6-piece nuggets (worth $4.95). Here are the codes:

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