Vivian Lai’s Husband Allegedly Under Investigation After Joining Kimly

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As a young child growing up, I’ve always had one notion:

Financial investigations and whatnot are pretty darn boring.

But hey, don’t blame me for the immature thinking; I was like… twenty-three. And according to a wise old man:

“Chinese guys don’t reach puberty before 30.”

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But it seems that I don’t actually have to reach 30 to comprehend the severity of it. At the tender age of 23… and four months, I realised why people are so fixated on financial affairs:

They’re indirectly syphoning off our hard-earned money. How can we not stay tuned to it?

Infernal Affairs VIIIIII

According to The Edge Singapore, coffee shop chain operator Kimly has released a press release, stating that its executive chairman Lim Hee Liat and executive director Chia Cher Khiang are currently under investigation by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Commercial Affairs Department.

Why; you wonder even though you’re not particularly concerned about them. Well, as it turns out…

They’ve apparently flouted the Securities and Future Act.

No, whyyou ask. Why am I telling you about Lim and Chia when the article headline specifies: “Vivian Lai’s Husband Allegedly Under Investigation After Joining Kimly”?

Well, see, it’s kind of because it’s all related. For in addition to Lim and Chia…

Kimly’s former non-executive director Alain Ong Eng Sing is also under the spotlight.

Formerly the CEO of Japanese drink company Pokka’s subsidiary (based out of Singapore), Ong had left Kimly’s board in January this year following the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


In September this year, it had been rumoured that Kimly had actually approached Ong, following his departure from Pokka International. Incidentally, his wife, Vivian Lai, had been a long-time celebrity endorser of the brand while he was there.

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