McD S’pore Has a Secret Prawn Paste ‘XXL’ Chicken Cutlet & It Tastes Sedap

McDonald’s is a toy and gift store selling uniquely licensed products that often led to long queues.

If you’d have remembered, it all started with some Hell Kitten dolls, and linguists in Singapore even wanted to turn the phrase “Hell-Kitten” into an adjective to describe something long and snaky.

Yesterday, they came out with yet another bestseller that sold out within hours in all outlets. This time, it’s a Your Tune holder, a holder that you can probably buy for $0.69 in Taobao but is being sold in McDonald’s for $6.90 and resold by lovely people for up to $50.

What you probably didn’t know is that McDonald’s also sells burgers, fries and some nice foods.

And while everyone’s is focused on the holder, McDonald’s announced a new burger that no one cares.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)

Okay, that’s expected because if we had wanted to eat something, we’d have gone to IKEA instead.

But for some reason only the good folks in McDonald’s would know, they’ve come out with yet another new item, and this item is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Because it’s so good, we’ve to write a full review about it.

Previously, on the Last Episode of McDonald’s Secret Item…

Back in October, we were alerted by a reader that McDonald’s is selling a crispy boneless chicken that’s spicy. The new item wasn’t announced in their social media channels, which isn’t normal, but we got it anyways and did a review on it.

It wasn’t the best chicken cutlet since it tastes just like a McSpicy patty. Available at only 12 outlets, we pondered on why McDonald’s didn’t announce it openly, but soon realized that the world has greater problems to solve and so we forgot about it.

Then this happened again, and we now wonder if McDonald’s is run by people living in Yishun.

McDonald’ Secret Prawn Paste Chicken Cutlet

…because lo and behold, another chicken cutlet appeared in their menu and it wasn’t announced in their social media channels as well (At least not yet):

Now, we’re not certain whether this is available in all outlets, but so far, we can be certain that it’s available in the Bukit Batok and Causeway Point outlet.

It’s one cutlet that won’t cut your wallet, too.

At $2 a piece, I’d argue that it’s as affordable as the chicken cutlet you can get from your favourite kopitiam.

And so we’ve got to try for you guys, right?

(We initially wanted to taste-test the My Melody holder but that was OOS…)

First Look

I’ve nothing against paper bag, but this’s what it comes in.

Suffice to say, it’s worse than the cheapest XXS chicken cutlet packaging you get from pasar malam. And the worse of it?

It’s so small, I won’t have seen it if I’ve taken off my glasses.

Just so you know, it’s sitting on a double Filet-O-Fish burger box.

However, the smell spreads through the entire office and all my colleagues morphed into dogs instantly, running towards it because it smells so strong and goody.

It has the typical ha cheong gai smell and I’ve got to wonder: is it the patty of the same ha cheong gai burger that McDonald’s released a few months back?

I took a bite, and all of a sudden it doesn’t matter.

Best-est-est chicken cutlet ever

If you’ve eaten lots of chicken cutlet, you’d know that life as a chicken cutlet is unfair: some would be so damn hard that you wonder if the chicken was a gym rat, and some would be so undercooked that you wonder if you’re going to hear it crying.

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