S’pore Youth Smoked on Bus, Said He Can Pay the Fine & That It Was a ‘Dare’

Image: YouTube (Stomp)

There’s a simple rule of thumb when it comes to being cool in your teenage years.

You just need to break the rules. The bigger the rules, the cooler you are. That’s why bad boys in secondary school get the most action.

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Which explains why Singaporean youths find themselves doing stuff like this.

Singapore Youth Filmed Smoking on Public Bus

Okay, just to be clear, it’s not the aiyo, kena STOMP liao kind of video.

It’s the look at me, I’m smoking on the bus. Cue thug life emoji.

Just take a look at the video for yourself:

On 6 Dec, a youth was filmed smoking on the second level of a public bus. It wasn’t known what the bus service was nor when the incident happened.

The video was uploaded on IG account @kidsofsingapore and garnered over 3,000 views.

(Yes, it has to be on IG instead of Facebook because Facebook is for old people like my boss)

And, of course, when faced with something like this, netizens had to slam this ‘pathetic’ attempt at trying to be famous.

Image: STOMP

Here’s what the comment said in case you can’t read it:

he pathetic? You then pathetic. Smoke in bus think you cool. You kena fine eh? Not you pay your parents pay leh. If you pay where you get the money from? The Sky? Lol act cool also for what? Only to get backlashed? There’s no reward lah. Use that brain of yours and do something better lah like go study, exercise, or do something that will benefit you. Smoking is really bad for your health. Should stop before you regret.

And The Youth Himself Allegedly Replied

Instagram user, @x.fiqq, identified himself as the youth smoking on the bus.

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