Lady Who Wanted to Use Starbucks for Work Complained of Students Hogging Seats


Can you…sense the irony in the headline?

No? Okay, read on.

So basically, a Stomper went to Starbucks in Bishan Community Centre on 11 June 2018 (that’s a Monday by the way) at about 12:30 p.m. Well, our righteous lady here wasn’t there to hog a seat to study, hog a seat to take an OOTD or to hog a seat to work. She’s a consultant and was there to meet a client.

And for some inexplicable reason, that warranted a seat in the cafe. Because client leh, the word “client” already sound so atas, no?

To her surprise, she saw that the cafe was filled with students studying.


Here, the exact words she sent to Stomp:

“After five to 10 minutes of waiting, it looked like nobody was going to leave soon…They had all their notes and laptops with them.”

She finally gave up and went to her client’s house for the meeting instead (guess we all know what consultant she is now). And of course, she provided an argument for her frustration:

“I feel like for work, it’s okay but students can study at home or at school…When I was a student, my friends and I would go back to our Junior College to study.”

Now, bear in mind that it’s the school holidays now for most schools, even for tertiary institutions.

But moving on, she mentioned that it’s the third times she has experienced this.

So perhaps, on the third time, Stomping it would make a difference? But hey, that;s not all. The Strawberry of course has more to offer: a suggestion to Starbucks.

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