S’pore Youths Filmed Throwing Themselves Off Punggol Bridge; Sparks Off Debate About S’pore

Image: Facebook (STOMP)

Singaporean youths have a fetish for throwing stuff from high up places.

Ofo bike off HDB, ofo bikes off Punggol bridge and more.

And every single time, older Singaporeans like you and me be like: dude, those stuff doesn’t even belong to you. Stop destroying other people’s stuff.

And our ingenious youths decided to indulge in their hobby while listening to the internet.

By throwing themselves off the bridge instead.

Youths Filmed Jumping Off Bridge At Punggol

On 7 Dec, it was reported that youths were caught on film jumping off bridges.

To be exact, Singaporean youths were filmed jumping off the Lorong Halus Pedestrian Bridge at Punggol.

Image: STOMP

One guy was spotted sitting on the edge of the bridge with a girl’s hand on his back.

Image: STOMP

Then, he jumped into the water with another guy.

Image: STOMP

A third guy jumped into the water further along the bridge.

Image: STOMP

The three young men are then filmed swimming towards land, safe and sound.

Image: STOMP
The video was first supported on Instagram but has since been taken down. And like what my fat boss says, of course it has to be on Instagram. Only old people like him go to Facebook and still use WhatsApp, while youngsters are on Instagram and Telegram #justsaying

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