Curry Times Now Selling the Old-School Chicken Rice Balls

Image: Facebook (Curry Times)

If you’ve been to, say, Malacca, you’ll be familiar with this.

Image: grass-lifeisgood /

Known as chicken rice balls, it’s a pretty old-school style of the iconic chicken rice. Unless you’re above 30, you might not have seen this anywhere before.

In the past, from what I remember, there were at least a few stalls selling chicken rice balls. Since 2000, finding them is as difficult as finding ice popsicles, though they still exist.

However, it’s relatively common to find them in Malacca, though.

For many (at least for me), a trip to Malacca is definite a trip for these hand-rolled rice balls as well. The rice actually tastes the same, except that the shape is different. Now if I recall correctly, it’s slightly drier.

The theory is that rice balls can stay warmer for a longer period of time in a wooden container. Another theory states that the rice balls are apparently more portable, so labourers in the past can transport them easier (remember, no cars in the past yet).

Now, if you want to relive your past, your time has come: Curry Times, a brand under the Old Chang Kee Group, has just come out with a Fragrant Rice Ball Super Drum.

Chim? Then look at this picture instead lah.

Image: Facebook (Curry Times)
For the entire month of June, this would be offered in all Curry Times outlets. Unlike the old-school chicken rice balls, this dish would be served with a big crispy chicken drumstick and home-made Hainanese chilli.

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