Audio House 29th Anniversary Sale Promises the Lowest Prices with Cashback; Perfect for New BTO Owners

Image: Facebook (Audio House)

I know, I know, there’s not a lot of things you want to pay attention to besides the Trump-Kim summit.

But here’s one that confirm-plus-chop will grab your attention and not let go.

Cheap electronics. And when I say cheap, I mean…

You can find it all here.

From 15 June to 3 July, Audio House is celebrating its 29th year anniversary in the best way possible: by giving you amazing deals.

During this period, Audio House is committed to providing the lowest price possible in the market.

How? By matching the prices of their products at the lowest price.

So let’s say you go to Audio House and you see that they’re selling their TV at $500. But you saw another shop selling it at only $400.

All you got to do is to take a photo-proof of the price, present it to Audio House and they’ll charge you the same rate.

And this isn’t just restricted to offline sales. They’re including online prices too.

Image: Giphy

Then, the question is…why don’t I just shop at the other shop then? Troublesome sia…still have to go here go there.

Here’s why.

They’re giving you $29 cashback with every $100 spent during this period. These vouchers can be used to offset the price of your next purchase.

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