Orchard Road Smoking Ban, Due to Start from 1 July, Isn’t Going to Take Place from 1 July

Image: Todsapon sarapat / Shutterstock.com

Lest you’re unaware, Orchard Road was supposed to go smoke-free this 1 July, much to the smokers’ chagrin ( I would imagine).

But it seems that the ban has been postponed, with an all-new scheduled date of end 2018.

Image: Straits Times

Meanwhile smokers be like…

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…and non-smokers be like…

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Why though?

According to our friendly local newspaper The Straits Times, it’s because stakeholders in business and food establishments in Orchard Road have given feedback and are requesting for more time to prepare.

Following the public smoking ban announcement, smokers were told that they could only light up in designated smoking areas in the vicinity, something businesses and food establishments have had to identify and set up.

And although the establishments had one whole year to prep everything, it seems that it’s not enough, and as such the ban has been extended by six months.

Image: Tenor

I didn’t say it; Spongebob did.

“Nonetheless, as some businesses have given feedback that they need more time to make the necessary preparations, NEA has decided to extend the implementation date by about six months to the end of 2018,” The National Environment Agency said.

After which, however, no new smoking corners will be approved for subsequent licensees of the same premises. 

So far, around 40 designated smoking areas have been organised, with a few public ones at Orchard Towers, Far East Plaza, The Heeren, Cuppage Terrace and behind Somerset MRT station.

Supportive of the initiative

Since the announcement last year, NEA has been routinely sounding out stakeholders, including the Orchard Road Business Association. And according to the agency, majority of stakeholders in Orchard Road have expressed support for the new decision. Yet you can’t help but wonder otherwise, given that…

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