Car Caused Container to Flip, Tried to Escape But Forgot Cars Got Cameras

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If you use the PIE (towards Changi Airport) to get home every weekday, you’d have been caught in a massive jam on Friday evening.

Yes, granted that jam on that stretch of road is as common as Nas Daily shouting, but the Friday jam was exceptionally serious: I know because I was trapped there. My Friday evening was completely ruined and I should have just stayed back in the office to show my boss how hardworking I am, but anyways.

Here’s what happened: a container toppled off a truck, missing two cars by inches.

Lest you can’t tell because you were too focused on the container, a black Mazda was just beside the truck when the container flipped over; the driver swerved a little to the emergency lane and accelerated forward.

Behind it was a white car that somehow braked in time, if not it would be crashed by the container.

Here’s another video showing the incident from another angle.

Two of the lanes were shut down, and while it happened from 4:20 p.m., the massive jam stretched all the way to the night. Even at around 9:00 p.m., I saw first-hand that the jam was still there (I was on the opposite direction this time, thank God).

The incident happened before the Toa Payoh exit, and reports stated that the jam started from Clementi Ave 6.

Thankfully, there were no injuries.

Unless you count stupidity as an injury, because someone did something real stupid.

Red Honda’s Involvement

I don’t need a PhD in transport to tell you that accidents are primarily caused by drivers, and this is no exception.

However, it might not be the truck driver’s fault. Now, if you’d rewind, you’ll see this.

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Yes, a red Honda had squeezed into the truck’s lane, leading it to jam brake.

Unlike normal cars that can jam brake easily, a heavy vehicle needs a longer braking distance due to its large weight and, erm, physics.

You see, cars are designed to be nimble: the shape is designed in a way for it to move around effectively. Trucks are designed to carry weight, and that’s why their speed limit is lower, and they need more road to stop, turn and even change lane.

A strong e-brake could easily trigger the wrath of physics.

Now, we can argue that the container should have been fastened tighter to the truck, or that the container might be overweight. That’s an argument for another day, because let’s face it: you’ve seen trucks with sands that’s overflowing, haven’t you? In competitive Singapore, trucks taking the shortcut is illegal, but some are doing that because they’re just waiting for TP to catch.

But anyways.

What’s shocking is not what the Honda has done. It’s what the Honda did next.

Red Honda Act Blur Live Longer

If you want to know how a Batmobile that has COE and needs to pay ERP looks like, it’s this:

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