Nas Daily Has Considered S’pore PR & Intends to be Politician in the Future

Image: Facebook (Nas Daily)

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, or you’re young like some of my colleagues who only go to the gram (i.e. Instagram and Telegram), you would have seen at least one Nas Daily video, or a few hundreds of his video.

Hosted by Nuseir Yassin, the likeable travel vblogger, or you can call him a Facebooker, has been in Singaporeans’ radar since he came to Singapore to make a few videos, with one that even featured our PM.

In addition, he has appeared in mainstream media like Channel NewsAsia

…and now, he’s even appeared in new media, letting himself be interviewed by Mothership.SG:

But what has it got to do with his political dream and his consideration for PR?

Well, it’s due to his latest video in his Facebook Page and his interview with Mothership.SG.

Let’s just say that this guy really loves Singapore.

Wants to be a Politician in 10 Years

You’ve got to call a spade a spade, and let’s start with Goody Feed first. Goody Feed is clickbaity, trashy, lousy angmo, bad for society and should have been burned down.

Okay, done, so next is Nas Daily: in his latest video, it’s a tad…clickbaity.

I mean, look at this intro:

Image: Facebook (Nas Daily)
Pray tell me, who won’t want to watch it? After all, he’s going to quit vlogging soon, and while some people know that he’s going to focus on building a company, he might just become a politician instead. I was intrigued and of course had to watch the video in its entirety.

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