A S’porean Gives 4 Reasons Why He Hated Durians

Image: Yaoinlove / Shutterstock.com (Picture is obviously for illustration purpose only 'coz our writer was never this cute)

I‘m a Singaporean, and I’ve something to confess:

I absolutely hate durians.

Image: Nor Gal / Shutterstock.com

And it’s not just because of the fruit’s smell, that’s so bad it could potentially drive a wedge between the now agreeable Trump-Kim ‘alliance’.

Rather, despite being promoted as a superfruit, it might have actual health complications.

Before we continue, however, note that this is a commentary. And as such it will involve some of my personal views. So please, if you’re easily triggered, stay away from this article because it might just serve as an uppercut to your throat.

You’ve been warned.

And if you’re still wondering…yes, I’m a true-blue Singaporean. And yes, I’ve just served my NS.

(Editor’s note: In fact he’s going for his IPPT today)


I know the phrase ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ applies.

But let’s face it; nobody ever said ‘Never judge a book by its smell‘.

And if you ask me, smell’s pretty much… everything

Image: Mothership

Let’s take a member of the opposite sex. He/she looks pretty much perfect physically wise, with defined cheekbones and accentuated body shapes. At this point, you’re just about ready to fall into his/her arms and let the person take you to Lalaland.

Walk closer, however, and your nose crinkles up, because you’ve just smelt something arguably worse than death. You have absolutely no idea where it’s stemming from, and as a result follow the stench with your nose like a well-bred dog. Before long you find yourself sniffing the armpit of the aforementioned Romeo/Juliet.

Almost instantaneously, you withdraw and feel repulsed, because as attractive as he/she looks, the smell is enough to make you puke and you want nothing to do with it.

And suffice it to say that durians are exactly the same, with one single difference:

They don’t look appetising too.

Image: Wikipedia


Now, I’m aware that durians are portrayed as superfruits, in the sense that they turn you into Superman after consumption. Health wise anyway.

Image: Giphy
But did you know that they have some side effects you might not have been aware of? For example, durians are purported to support:

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