Sasa Super Summer Sale With 20% Off Storewide + 30% Off All Fragrances & More

Image: ThamKC / (Picture is for illustration purpose only)

Ladies, this is for you.

While your husband or boyfriend appreciates you looking absolutely stunning when you’re out with them, they don’t appreciate the price tag of the products to look your best.

Because let’s face it, keeping yourself beautiful is hard work.

You need time to apply them to your faces, and you’d need to work hard to buy those products in the first place.

Which is why this is the right article for you to read. Why?

Because cheap cosmetics products, baby! Like legit cheap cosmetics from a legit shop.

SaSa 20% OFF Storewide For Next Two Days


I believe anyone in Singapore would’ve seen one Sasa outlet at least once in their lives. After all, they’re everywhere in Singapore.

From now until 15 June, Sasa is holding their Super Summer Sale (SSS) at all outlets.

But that’s not the exciting part. No one wants to know the name of their event. What’s really interesting is the stuff on offer, right?

I’ll start with the most awesome promo up front.

Yes, you read that right. It’s 20% OFF storewide on all items. And that’s not the best part.


30% OFF all fragrances, something we all need because it’s impossible not to sweat in super hot Singapore.

And sweat = smelly.

I mean, even foreign journalists were given fans to cool themselves down when they were covering the US-North Korea summit.

Mix & Match @ Buy-2-Pay-1


How does buying two products and paying for only 1 of them sound? Awesome, right?

Guess what, they’re having that in the summer sale as well. And the best part, you can choose from over 40 brands for this promo.

Pretty well-known brands too. But that’s not all. If it were, we’ll be super disappointed in Sasa because, well, Super Summer Sale, remember?

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