Don’t Say Bojio: Pikachu CNY EZ-Link Cards Now Available At Selected POPULAR Outlets

Image: EZ-Link Facebook Page

Do you love Pikachu? Because I definitely do.

Image: PokemonGet

I mean; who wouldn’t? The lightning mouse critter has been delighting the world for more than two decades now, and new generations seem just as taken with it as the previous ones did.

Image: YouTube

And with the new Detective Pikachu due to hit our screens sometime this year, it only adds to the already established consensus:

Pikachu is love, Pikachu is life.

Image: CGTN

And EZ-Link clearly knows it

If you’ve been keeping up with the EZ-Linkshians, you would know that the company has been dropping quite a lot of cute EZ-Link designs and charms recently.

Snorlax EZ-Charms.

Harry Potter EZ-Link cards.

Hello Kitty EZ-Charms (to be out on 16 January).

Incidentally, the former two have sold out pretty fast, with the last one expected to follow suit as well.

And so, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that EZ-Link is set to release yet another cute design…

This time featuring our favourite yellow critter in a lunar light.

Image: EZ-Link Facebook Page
Image: Gifer

Well… there goes my wallet again.

Did someone say Pika?

In light of the festive New Year, EZ-Link has partnered up with local chain POPULAR Bookstore to create one pretty nifty production: CNY Pikachu EZ-Link Cards.

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