Eunos Family Panicked For 2 Hrs After Finding 3m Python in Toilet; Allegedly Told To Call Pest Control by Town Council

Image: Stomp

I got the shock of my day when I received this headline from my editor, BH.

According to this Stomp reportan unsuspecting Eunos family found a 3 metre-long python in their HDB flat which resulted in 2 hours of helpless panic on 30 December 2018.

Image: Stomp

Now, I won’t deny that a 3-metre long python is indeed scary.

Not especially when my brother who was born in the year of the snake still terrorizes me till this day.

I’m 48 and he is 51 this year FYI. Just kidding.

What took me aback was really this-

-That this was the longest, goddamned, most-detailed Stomp article I have ever seen in my life.

I was always taught that the form of a text/work/art piece should always mirror the content; this piece clearly did.

Now, read on.

Long made Short

Because this article was so long, I’m compelled to break it down for you in chronological point form. Just think of it like a python with earthworm segments.

Image: Tumblr


So here goes:

  • Wife screams at 6:45 AM and runs into bedroom to wake Mr Goh up
  • Mr Goh heads to the kitchen and finds a 3-metre reticulated python in the toilet of their Eunos masionette
  • Daughter and son-in-law wake up and call the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA)
  • At the same time, Mr Goh calls the Marine Parade Town Council (MPTC)
  • MPTC tells him to call a pest control company to handle the matter
  • Meanwhile, AVA tells daughter that they would be sending help
  • Multiple pest control companies do not pick up their call and some stated that they were unable to handle a python
  • One company agrees to help
  • Some time later, when the employee turns up, he has to call for reinforcement as the python was too large to be handled alone
  • At 8 AM, the team arrives, catches the python in 30 minutes and releases it into the  forested area
Image: Tenor


When The New Paper (TNP) contacted the pest company, its spokesman said the family was ushered out of their home as it was a “dangerous operation.” Mr Goh, who had paid $400 for the operation, said: “We felt really helpless. The snake could have bitten us. Our lives could have been at stake while we were given the runaround.

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