Makcik Sells $1 Nasi Lemak at Toa Payoh Since The 1980s & Has Never Increased Price

Image: Our Grandfather Story YouTube

Previously, we wrote about this auntie who adamantly refused to up the price of her carrot cake because of one heartwarming reason.

She wants to keep it affordable for the elderly.

Back then, we were like, you can’t find any stall nicer than this auntie. Or anyone more generous and kind than this old lady. 

But we were wrong.

Because there’s a makcik in Toa Payoh that’s selling traditional nasi lemak.

Image: Our Grandfather Story YouTube

Look at the picture above. There’s fish, egg, cucumber and sambal chilli.

How much do you think that costs? $1.80? Or maybe, $2.

Guess what?

It’s one buck.

Image: Our Grandfather Story YouTube

And it’s been $1 for the past 32 years.

Image: Tenor

She had originally wanted to retire

Back in 2018, Zaliah Ishak, the makcik and owner of the food stall Kedai Makan Muhajirin, received a notice to move out on Dec 2018. She wanted to take it as an opportunity to retire. But her regular customers regularly (geddit?) contacted her to ask about when and where she’ll be back in action.

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