The Reason Why The Sky is Red at Night When It’s Going to Rain

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There is a running inside joke among Malaysians and Singaporeans that we , too, have four seasons in our tropical climate.

Instead of the usual four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, our four seasons consists of rainy, sunny, cloudy and hazy.

We have grown used to these weather conditions and adapted ourselves accordingly. Sometimes, we can be the meteorologists and we’ll guess (correctly) the weather on the next day.

A weather forecaster in action

When we spot a red sky in the late evening or night, there is bound to be that one person who say that it will rain sometime later in the night; or perhaps that person is you.

Ever wondered whether is this just some old grandmother story or is it actually based on facts? Here’s the scientific explanation behind it.

Scientific explanation (sort of)

Now this is going to be slightly chim so bear with me. The red skies appear based on the reflection of light and how it bounces around in the atmosphere. We all know that heavy, ominous dark clouds gathering on the horizons during the daytime mean rain but we can rarely see high clouds during night time as the sky has already turned into a sea of darkness.

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