These Are the Lucky Outlets and System Entries for 2018 Hong Bao Draw Winners

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Yes, we’ve all heard that we are “winners in life.”

Just because. Spermatozoa. Egg. Life. Us(Me & You). Winners.

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Yet among life’s winners, none are equal for we are dealt various hands such as good looks (of lack there-off), height (of lack there-off), junk in the trunk (of lack there-off), so on and so forth.

You get my point.

Nonetheless, while life is a lottery, a lottery is also a lottery, so there should be no nonetheless.

Really, who cares about what I’m saying for this article’s sole purpose is to bring you joy, knowledge, and perhaps a bit of wealth for the lucky you.

2018 Hong Bao Draw Winning Outlets

If you haven’t been living under the sea or a rock, you should by now know that Singapore Pools offers up an all-is-fair and instant-income disparity gap closer, or SES-differential narrower, yearly during CNY.

Basically like a South East Asian Hunger Games, without the pita and hummus, cat knees and kale chips.

Known as the Hong Bao Draw, it has been going on for the better part of close to 10 years and this year’s payout is 12 million SGD, or $12,000,000, if you like to see your numbers, numbered.


That said, because we are automatically pantang during CNY even though we aren’t normally so, here’s a stim pack for your winning chances for these are the outlets which sold winning tickets for the 2018 Hong Bao Draw Winners.

Group 1 winning tickets sold at: (1)- Singapore Pools Potong Pasir Branch – Blk 148 Potong Pasir Ave 1 #01-73 ( 1 QuickPick Ordinary Entry )

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