24YO Man Found Dead on Bed When Using Pirated Charger On His Phone

Image: Astro Awani

Singaporeans are fans of getting things cheap. And if possible, good. Although we’re not able to get that most of the time, we’ll settle for adequate when it comes to most things.

And you’ve got to admit, given how expensive it is to stay here on the sunny island, this kind of outlook is pretty much justified.

For example, phone chargers.

Hands up if you’ve used (or you’re still using) pirated phone chargers.

Don’t lie, most, if not all of us have done this at one point in time.

Well, after reading this article, you might just find yourself buying a $40+ dollar charger from Samsung instead of an $8 charger from Taobao.

 24YO Man Electrocuted From Pirated Phone Charger

According to World of Buzz, a 24-year-old man, Kritsada Supol, was found dead at his rented house in Chonburi, Thailand.

Image: Astro Awani

He was found lying on his bed with his ears fried by the house owner.

He Was Believed To Have Died Because Of A Faulty Phone Charger

The Thai police released a statement regarding the incident:

“People can be exposed to dangers when using cheap chargers, which are normally produced by uncertified companies.”

Investigations in the case are still ongoing but they believed that Kritsada died in an explosion caused by the faulty charger.

His body has been sent for post-mortem autopsy to find out the cause of the incident.

Pirated Phone Chargers Are Made By Uncertified Companies

To be honest, real and fake chargers looks pretty similar and legitimate. But if you’re able to take it apart, and understand what you’re looking at, you’ll come to understand the difference pretty easily.

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