‘Burning’ Smells Were Reported in the East of S’pore This Morning (8 Feb)

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If you live in the east of Singapore and thought that your kitchen was burning this morning, fret not: you’re not alone.

According to reports and multiple “nose-witnesses”, a strong burning smell suddenly occurred in the east of Singapore this morning, which could have started from 3:00 a.m.

Sudden Burning Smell in the East of Singapore

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Well, first thing first: we’ve asked everyone in the office, and it seems like the smell wasn’t in the North, Northeast and Northwest and West of Singapore. With our office in the west, you can bet that no one lives in the east.

However, there has been some netizens who claimed that the smell had spread to other parts of Singapore later in the day.

In a Straits Times report, residents in the east were complaining about a smell that was “similar” to the haze. The area looked hazy as well, almost like a repeat of the days when N95 were part of our lives.

Netizens mentioned that the affected areas were Simei, Pasir Ris, Tampines and Marine Parade (though there could be more areas).

The 24-hr PSI level in that area was, however, “Good”, though you can clearly see that the east and south of Singapore are way higher than the west.

Image: nea.gov.sg

A 65 PSI value is considered “Moderate”.

In other words, everything seems normal…except the noses of the people living in the east (and some other places?).

Weird Burning Smell That’s Not from Haze Not Uncommon

If you’d have remembered, strong burning smell in certain areas aren’t exactly…uncommon. And no, it’s not because of the haze, but something else.

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