$10 Weekend Movie Tickets, Wrap Discounts & More For The Month Of July

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A wise old man once told me, strike while the iron is hot. And according to him, it’s not just about going for opportunities, it applies everywhere in life.

Even hunting for deals.

I’m pretty sure everybody would’ve felt the loss of Grab’s promo codes keenly.

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I mean, even national newspapers were writing about it.

But according to the wise old man, that’s wrong. You shouldn’t be focusing on what’s gone but what’s coming next.

And after having been through his guidance for three minutes 28.49 seconds, I think I kind of get what he’s talking about. At least when it comes to deal hunting.

Let’s talk about Grab

Back when Grab and Uber were in competition against each other, Grab was giving out promo codes like water.

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And we, being thirsty and hungry Singaporeans that we are, lapped it all up.

Then one day, it stopped.

95% of Singaporeans complained and swore never to have anything to do with Grab again. But the remaining 5%? These are the smart ones.

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Having seen how generous Grab can be when trying to achieve an objective, they’re more than willing to get tangled up with the company again.

And Grab is going after a new objective: the cashless payment e-wallet bit. Which is why so many of us are keeping an eye on Grab’s Grabpay promo codes.

And true to Grab’s form, they’re now very generous when it comes to making payments through their e-wallet.

$10 (Weekend) or $8.50 (Weekday) Cathay Movie Tickets (Until 31 Jul)

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From now until 31 July, get Cathay movie tickets for cheap every day.

For a weekday ticket, you’d only need to pay $8.50 instead of $9. And here’s the best part, you’d rarely watch a movie on a weekday because #TimeNotEnough

The discount gets much higher on the weekend. Instead of $13, you’d only need to pay $10.

Just take note that in order to enjoy the discount, you must pay via GrabPay to be eligible. And it’s limited to 2 redemptions per user, and 1 ticket redemption per transaction.

Tickets must be purchased at the box office (manned by staff) and isn’t valid for purchase via online or self-serving kiosk bookings.

Other Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Tickets are priced at $8.50 from Mondays to Thursdays
  • 10.00 from Fridays to Sundays, the eve of Public Holidays, and Public Holidays
  • Valid only for a 2D movie for a standard seat.
  • Not valid for a 3D movie, Tamil, Hindi, Special-Priced Tickets, Movie Marathon, Platinum Movie Suites and Film Festival title.

And that’s not all.

Since we’re on the topic, might as well dig up even more promos for you, right?

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