Auspicious Dates in 2018 For Couples Planning To Get Married

First of all, congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!

All relationships have their ups and downs, and you both have made it through to a whole new phase, and better together.

Preparing to embark on a wedding is nothing short of admirable, and we want to help make your marriage journey as smooth as possible.

So here’s a comprehensive list of auspicious wedding dates for this 2018 to start your married life on the best note, plus some traditional tips that’ll keep the in-laws and parents happy.

Read on to find the auspicious wedding dates month by month.


Ever heard of the evil spirit of San Niang?

Neither have we. 

But legend has it that the god of marriage refused to pull the silken cord for San Niang, so she could not get married.

In vengeance, the lonely San Niang ruined weddings held on the 3rd, 7th, 13rd, 18th, 22nd, and 27th of every lunar month.

Avoid these dates and book your wedding to another day. To check out which dates those are on our English calendar, you can easily use an online calendar converter.


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We were sort of hoping 14 February (Valentine’s Day) would be an auspicious date.

No luck there, though. 

February’s auspicious wedding dates fall right before and a week after Valentine’s day.


According to marriage tradition, it is also important to avoid getting married on the birthdays of the bride, groom, parents, and unmarried siblings.

If any parents have passed away, it is also important to avoid their birthdays and dates of death.


Some traditional families may want to avoid having their children getting married in April due to the coincidental Qing Ming Festival, a commemorative festival for deceased loved ones.

This 2018, Qing Ming Festival falls on 5 April.


If one of the wedding parties is sick or in physical discomfort, it is considered betters to delay the wedding, as superstition has it that the harmony of the bride and groom’s new life will be affected otherwise.

Some super traditional folks even go as far as to avoid getting wed whilst the bride is undergoing her menstruation period.


June is generally filled with an atmosphere of fun and relaxation due to the school holidays. Perhaps, it is little wonder that there are so many auspicious dates during this month.

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According to marriage traditions, a family should also avoid holding two weddings in one year.

If a direct relative has passed away in the same year, it is also considered inauspicious to hold a wedding.


Many who believe in auspicious months will want to avoid getting hitched in the month of August due to the Hungry Ghost Festival, which falls on 25 August.

This is supposedly when the gates of hell open, and the deceased are back to visit loved ones who are still alive.


September, however, seems to be an exceptionally auspicious month, due to the Mid-Autumn Festival, which brings good tidings of bountiful harvests, peace, and prosperity. You can consider several auspicious dates at the end of the month.


For many families, the Eight Characters of the bride and groom’s birth times are often considered when it comes to deciding on an auspicious wedding date.


One thing to note is that the monsoon season occurs during this month, so if you’re hankering after an outdoor wedding, perhaps this is one month to avoid.

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The month of December is one of the most popular months for marriages, due to the other wonderful festivities that occur during this season. Also, it’s ten points for remembrance if you get married say, on Christmas.

However, it is also when many of your friends and family will be away on holiday. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a good middle ground.

A happy wedding no matter the date

Remember, although getting hitched on a lucky day may be an important part of tradition, a happy marriage is always built on a solid foundation of love, not auspicious dates and superstitions.

As long as all parties have been carefully considered, and are committed to trying their your best to make it a successful lifelong marriage, there is nothing left to do but celebrate your wonderful union.

Cheers to a long loving life together!

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