Bangkok is freezing as well. Here’s everything you need to know


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 3:04 pm

In 2014, temperatures in Bangkok dipped to a low of 15.6 degrees. This year, it followed suit with Hong Kong and Taiwan, with temperatures dropping to 17.5 degrees. Temperatures in Northern Thailand have also fallen to a low, hovering below 10 degrees.

This may seem unlikely for most of us in Asia because we have hardly heard of temperatures falling so low in places near the Equator. After all, Bangkok is claimed to be the “hottest city in the world”.

Experts have also predicted drastic climate changes for Thailand, with even colder temperatures, later rainy seasons and a possible drought that will threaten the livelihood of many people. This will affect farmers and their crops which will in return affect the quantity of food available. Fishermen’s livelihoods are also affected as the waters are too dangerous for them to venture out to.

So what caused this drop in temperatures? It is believed that to be attributed to a severe cold spell that made its way from China. In addition to that, January and February is known to be the cool season in Bangkok, thus intensifying the northeast monsoon across the South and the Gulf of Thailand. This only means that temperatures are bound to drop further, maybe even surpassing the lowest recorded in 2014.

Drastic changes in weather has its repercussions. Dozens have died across Asia due to the cold spell. This is due to the sudden changes which leave many unprepared for the weather. Sicknesses like hypothermia is increasing, and those with chronic respiratory problems are prone to fatality. Similarly, with the lack of food due to the possible drought, the people may suffer from starvation and other dangerous illnesses.

Still want Singapore to be frozen over? Think it over again. You’ll be thankful that our weather is generally hot. Perhaps staying in an air-conditioned room is enough for you to experience such cold weather.


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