Before you date a super innocent girl, you need to know these 10 things


Last Updated on 2017-05-12 , 5:09 pm

The idea of dating a super innocent girl might seem like a challenge and you’re at a total loss of what to do next. You are afraid that you might do the wrong thing and she might take it too seriously.

So what do you have to do or not do in order to keep this relationship with a super innocent girl? You’d want to know these 10 things before you do anything else.

She doesn’t do “embarrassing” things in public
You don’t have to be scared and fearful if she’s going to prank and shame you in public during your birthday, she’s not going to give you such a shock of your life. She prefer not to do these “embarrassing” things outdoors, and you should definitely not expect a kiss or waist holding session from her at the bustling Orchard Road.

She doesn’t have much experience with relationships
Because she doesn’t talk to guys much, she didn’t get into much relationships before. The fact that she might get into one with you is pretty awesome already.

Take things slow
Take things slow because you don’t want to scare her off. You’ll rather wait for half a year to hug her than to never hug her at all after she rejects you.

Have a curfew
If you take her out to date nights, bear in mind she has a curfew by her parents. Don’t watch that midnight movie or insist she accompanies you till late night because she can’t. Send her home when it’s time to and don’t call her Cinderella.


Her ideal date
While most girls thinks that an ideal date is catching the latest blockbuster, have a fancy (read: expensive) dinner and to take a drive on your ride, the innocent girl’s ideal date might be baking cakes at home or watching a show at home. Of course, pick an appropriate film.

Watch your language and lifestyle
She doesn’t want to hear your “Wth” or other swear words. She most definitely doesn’t want to inhale your secondhand smoke so stay far away from her when you’re smoking. Or don’t smoke at all.

Don’t bring her to your Bros’ parties
If you’re wise enough, you’ll not want to bring her along to your Bros’ parties where you guys get drunk and throw things at each other.

Don’t lie to her, don’t scar her
Don’t ever attempt to lie to her or hurt her. She’s naïve and she will just believe whatever you say. And if you hurt her, she might never forgive you. And her dad will kill you.

Don’t get too bold with what you say
Be careful of your bold jokes because she wouldn’t be able to take it well.

She might not agree to your romantic idea of staycation or weekend getaway
She might not agree to your ideal ‘romantic’ suggestions of having staycations or a weekend getaway because she never really spend the night with a guy alone before. So be patient, yeah?

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