The BEST song about Singapore army BMT—guys, don’t cry after watching it


Last Updated on 2017-05-21 , 12:47 pm

“IC changed from pink to green, No.4 replaced my jeans” Now, imagine that is the lyrics of a song. It’s so relatable that guys would go apeshit over this.

According to the YouTube description, it’s done by a BMT sergeant—an instructor that, well, is the only commander in the army who needs to scold recruits (so that recruits can integrate into the army culture easier).

BMT sergeants are often like fierce form teachers: you hate them during BMT, but after BMT, they become your best friends. Some even apologise for scolding because it’s their job.

This video just shows you about BMT life. If you’ve been to BMT, don’t cry. Relax. We know it’s so good you’ll cry and say this; “Why aren’t I in Ulysses?” Ulysses Company, you used to have a sergeant that should, well, be in the SAF Music & Drama leh.

The lyrics are just too good not to be shared here. And the part about “couldn’t bear to say goodbye”…it’s a #truestory for many.


“On the 30th October Go BMTC be soldier Waving goodbye to my girl Now it’s time for me to serve IC changed from pink to green No. 4 replaced my jeans No Leticia to keep things clean, Ownself must do everything ya Aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo

One guy late whole lot knock it down, Anything also push the ground, In a file if you move around jumping jacks unlimited counts Chiong sua till I want to keng Sunburn till I chao da skin Half-full bottle drink and drink Drink till whole day go latrine ya Aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo

Up the low rope over the wall Apex ladder down I fall Pick myself up and chiong somemore SOC just shag my balls Everything OTOT Still couldn’t pass IPPT Stay back in camp to RT Weekend kena burnt like free ya Aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo

During field camp build basha Build too slow tio samula Sergeants became Godzilla Kena tekan in the mud Dig and dig with ET blade Dig a lobang called shellscrape Dig till my arms nearly break Dig till my buddy hyperventilate ya Aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo

Sergeant gave me an envelope Inside it there was a note Mama said, “Ah Boy, stay strong!” Daddy said, “Ah Boy, fight on!” In the middle of the night Feeling homesick want to cry How I wish my boots were dry Guarding my “wife” with my life ya Aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo

In the blink of an eye So many weeks have gone by Marching with friends by my side Couldn’t bear to say goodbye Woohoo…hooooooooooooooooo Eh ya oh ah infantry ah

We are the men from Ulysses!!”

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