BREAKING: You can get things like 70-cents coffee from THESE places

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What if I tell you that you can buy 70-cent coffee from these places and they are comfortable, air conditioned and located conveniently in shopping malls? And it’s all day long. Whaaaaaaat? 

Don’t believe me? Well, you better do because this is taking place in Singapore, right here right now! Here are a few promotions from Foodfare you really cannot afford to miss.

$0.70 hot coffee or tea

ntuc deal 1

From now till 31 Dec 2015, you can enjoy 70-cent coffee at all Foodfare food courts ($0.60 for Foodfare coffeeshops!), so if you happen to be shopping at malls with Foodfare food court, head over there for a breather instead of the usual fast food outlets you frequent.

$1.50 Afternoon Tea Set

ntuc deal 2

If you’re feeling a bit peckish, hey bro, might as well go for the full course. Their afternoon tea set comes with a Big Pau and coffee or tea at $1.50.

$2.00 All day set

ntuc deal 3

A drink and pau not enough for you? Try out their chicken curry rice set at $2.

So what’s the deal?

Have you heard of the Big Value Bag rolled out by NTUC social enterprises? If you have not, then you definitely have to find out more. Effective from now till 31 December, enjoy exclusive discounts on groceries, hawker food, insurance plans and supplements just for you!

Founded in 1995, NTUC FoodFare was set up to help moderate prices of cooked food amidst profiteering in Singapore during the introduction of GST.

Today, they continue to fulfill their social function by providing good quality cooked food at low prices, all aiming to help the average Singaporean “stretch their hard-earned dollars”.

Currently, they have over 70 retail outlets all across the island in the form of food court, coffee shops, cafes and food stalls. So if you’re broke and waiting for your allowance, or you just want to stinge a bit on spending outside, hey, don’t let it stop you from going out. Head to Foodfare today to enjoy cheap and affordable food in a comfortable environment.


Head over to NTUC Foodfare’s website now to find out more about the promotions and discounts that you are entitled to today!

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