Buying a Car Soon? Here’s How to Negotiate the Perfect Deal at Your Dealership

Negotiating with the sales team at the car dealerships can be a tedious and sometimes fruitless game. From going back and forth in finding the right price, to getting some extra value for your car, you may spend quite some time at your local car dealership. However, if you know how to work around them, you’ll not only save you time, but the hassle of having to bargain worse than the aunty at your morning market. Here are some quick tips on negotiating with your car dealership.

1. Read, Research, Revise

In the words of Sun Tzu, the great marketing manager, I mean military general, “If you know the sales guy, and the car of your dreams, you need not fear the result of your devilish negotiations.” Take the time to read up on your car’s retail price, the average offers from different local dealerships and the current discounts available for that model. This way, you’ll know if you’re getting a great deal, or if you need to haggle with the salesperson for your free umbrella. You can try our Car Comparison Tool to see the retail price of your dream car.


Through our research, we can see now that this car is absolutely rubbish. 

2. Get the Right Price

When you’re negotiating your salesperson may try to negotiate with you using the monthly instalments. The logic is, if you’re looking at a smaller number, you’re more likely to buy the car. While you’re blindsided, you could be paying more for your car than you intended. A plan that costs less in monthly payments could end up costing more in the overall price. In this case, you should be negotiating the overall car price, before you break it down into instalments. You’ll also want to see if there are offers for a trade in (if you want to sell your current car). This could help you negotiate for a better price.

3. Be the Boss

Negotiating for a perfect price can be a tad bit difficult when you’re face to face with the salesperson. More often than not, you’ll end up falling for a certain price through hard selling, and the salesperson’s use of emotions. More than that, your salesperson may try to upsell you throughout the bargaining process. It is always easier to discuss a workable price through emails or on the phone before making a trip to your preferred dealership. You can, through, get several dealerships to contact you with their best offer for the car of your choice (after you’ve compared and selected it using our tools). This way, you can decide which offer suits you best.


Pretty awesome if you ask us.

Working out the right price for your car can be easy with a few simple steps. Always remember, you’re in control of what you pay for your car. Be sure to check out offers from different dealerships to help you get the best deal. At, we bring the dealerships to you. We ensure you’re getting the an instant price quote, without you even having to make tons of trips to different dealerships.

Looking for the perfect car that’s right for you? Start by finding out about it. Find your dream car here, and start your research before you decide which car to purchase.

Once you get an idea of the specs in your dream car, you should find out how much it costs, including other fees such as the annual road tax. Use our CARSOME Cost to Own Calculator to estimate how much you might be paying for your car.

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