Can the rich do what they want to the poor unlawfully in Singapore? Decide yourself after reading this


Last Updated on 2017-07-24 , 12:05 pm

One of the days, I saw a disturbing video of a car hitting a person in Facebook. As most of the comments condemned the driver (it was obvious that the driver was at fault), someone made a unique comment.

He said something like this: “People who are rich can afford to hit others as they have the money to pay the victim and his family.” Without a doubt, everyone disagreed. However, if you think about what he has just said, despite how terrible and cruel it is, you might have a different view.

Let’s put it this way instead: Would you have agreed with him, at least to some extent, if you were alone and did not need to say the answer to anyone? We all know the stories—people who managed to wriggle out the clasp of justice because they have the most expensive lawyers, or have the ability or resources to put someone as a fallman.

Despite how civilization has instilled conscience in us, when it comes to self-interest, the powerful would always have an edge over the powerless. You can read all stories about how a powerless survives and eventually becomes powerful—but usually, just like many stories, the sufferings the powerless has been through was seldom told.

In other words, while you can reject with millions of reasons that wealth is nothing but stacks of papers, the unfortunate fact is that wealth has one reason that overshadows all your rejections: options.

While a rich man hitting someone is definitely a criminal act, the rich man would have the option to give the victim one million dollars so that the victim would not pursue the matter. Given a choice of one million dollars or just a feel-good to get even, the choice might be the former. You see the power of options now? Unethical and unfair—but unfortunately true, too.


Most of us prefer to turn a blind eye to this injustice—because there’s nothing much we can do. Or maybe, there is something we can do? If you are reading this, it goes to show that you have either a computer or a smartphone. While you can argue that everyone has one nowadays, and even provide statistics like how the smartphone penetration rate in Singapore is 87%, I would say no, not everyone here in Singapore has the privilege of having a computer or a smartphone.

I said about the wealthy having options, and now, I say that you are wealthy. Before making your way to a pub on a Saturday night, go to any industrial areas at night and see how some foreign workers drink cans of beer. That, my readers, is tangible evidence that you are wealthy, whether you agree or not. And since you are “wealthy” and have options, and could have been condemning what some wealthy people are doing, shouldn’t you be rejoicing that you are, apparently, one of the wealthy people?

So, what should you be doing now? What options do you have, and do you intend to abuse the options available to you? Are you going to litter right in front of an old man who is sweeping the ground?

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