Charging your smartphone to 100% within 30 seconds is now a reality!


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

The is all too familiar: your smartphone runs out of battery and you’ll have to charge it. But you’re late for your appointment and you’ve got no power bank. So, you charge it for two minutes and run out of the house with a battery life of 3%.

For the whole day, you use your Samsung Note 4 like a Nokia 3210—you can’t afford to connect to the Internet as that will drain off that 3%.

That is going to be history soon.

An Israeli company has developed a technology that can fully charge a phone within 30 seconds. Using nano-technology (think of them as things that are VERY small), it’s like your phone battery has become a “sponge” that can “soak” power superfast. At this current moment, the technology exists but the battery is too bulky for our phones now; however, it’s estimated that by next year (2016), they’ll be able to develop one that is of right size for our Samsung and iPhone.

But closer to home, and closer to completion, is a smartphone battery that can be charged up to 70% within 2 minutes. Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have developed a battery made from material that can charge superfast and last longer. According to their estimate, the batteries will last for 20 years—but to be honest, no one cares about a battery’s lifespan because twenty years later, no one would still be using iPhone 6.

However, their technology is moving faster than the Isreali company. Manufacturing this is not complex so it’s now just a matter of manufacturers integrating this technology into the next smartphone. If so, soon, we will have a phone that can be fully charged within minutes.


Now, the future is definitely closer than we imagine.

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