Cheaper than Daiso At City Square JB: This JB shop sells everything for $0.65


Last Updated on 2020-02-12 , 2:26 pm

Do you visit City Square Daiso when you’re in Johor Bahru? Well, listen up because this shop is selling items that are even cheaper than if Johor were to have an eco shop:

Recently, a Facebook status update was shared by a friend, and what caught my attention was this:

“Everything goes for RM2 (about S$0.70) – from sundry goods to stationery, to hardware, to drinks and snacks. And there’s no compromise to the quality of the goods in many cases.”

In case you’re not aware, the conversion rate of Singapore to Malaysia is now more than 3. In other words, SGD$1 = more than RM3.

Doesn’t that mean…everything is going at around $0.65 there? Here are some images shared by Andrew Chan, the person who went there before.

It’s kind of like your very own Johor Bahru hardware shop or an eco shop across the border:


RM2 Shop In JB


Image: Facebook (Andrew Chan)
Image: Facebook (Andrew Chan)
Image: Facebook (Andrew Chan)
Image: Facebook (Andrew Chan)

All these for RM2? Okay, he’s got us. According to our research, this is a chain of stores selling affordable items. Working much like the Value Dollar Shop in Singapore, this is much cheaper due to our strong Singapore dollars.

The closest outlet is the Desaru branch. For drivers, this is the address: 83, 85, 87 (Ground & 1st Floor), Jalan Jelutong 1, Taman Desaru Utama, 81930 Bandar Penawar, Johor.

Seriously, this place is a steal so if you’re looking to buy knick-knacks, give City Square Daiso a miss and head straight for this little gem.

P.S. If you’re taking public transport from Singapore, take a bus to JB Sentral, go to the taxi ticketing counter (do not accept anyone who just offer you a ride for a price near there, because they’ll jack up the cost) and tell the counter the place, whereby they will offer you a taxi for a reasonable price.

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