Check out this NTU-made car that is 3D printed…say what?

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Technology is advancing so rapidly that unless you read twenty different newspapers, fifty websites and six thousand articles per day, you’ll be outdated with the latest technology.

Back home in NTU, it appears that something big is brewing. Just imagine this: in 2025, you walk into a Mercedes showroom and after test-driving one of the cars, you like it and decide to buy it. The salesman passes you an iPad (eh, 2025, still got iPad?) for you customize the car.

“We’ll 3D print the body for you immediately,” he says. “The interior is ready. You want Hello Kitty doors? Or do you want to send us the design? We’ve free templates.”

You think this is a dream? Apparently not. In fact, it might occur sooner than 2025—2020 perhpahs?

Yesterday, NTU revealed the first 3D-printed car for us, and wow everyone. Firstly, 3D printing is not new (did someone just say, “Like, really?!”), but to 3D print the entire body of a car is astonishing. There are still people spending thousands of dollars to change bodykit regularly—imagine how cool it will be to just download a picture and print it, and then assemble it?

Technology; scary, fast and definitely cool.

Oh, by the way, by 2020, we will most likely not be driving the car anymore. Self-driving car, remember? 3D and self-driving. What next? Teleport?

Oh, wait. In theory, teleport is actually, erm, possible. In theory, that is.

OTRO is closing, and this time, it’s confirmed. Here’s what you need to know:

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