Check out the best job that pays $70,000: Professional Fart Smeller


Think you’ve got the worst job in the world? Do you often come to work with a black face, as if someone has just farted right in your face? Well, we kid you not: there’s a job in China called a professional fart smeller, and it pays up to $70,000 a year for you to whiff farts by others.

That’s about $6,000 a month, more than most of the average office work in Singapore.

Now, before you go apeshit and pack your bag to China, here’s the requirement: you must be 18 to 45, do not smoke or drink and has a normal sense of smell. There’s even a series of tests you have to go through, and a long training course.

But what’s the job scope?

So basically, you smell farts by other people. According to them, a fart can tell the health condition of a person. For example, a fishy fart smell would suggest an infection in the person’s digestive system. Not only that, the smell of a fart can also tell you whether you should change your diet for a healthier body.

You won’t have thought of that, won’t you?

It’s hard to believe, but the job is real. While there hasn’t been any published study on this, there is one that says that smelling fart (or to be more specific, the hydrogen sulfide in a fart) is apparently beneficial to the body.

I don’t know about you, but I’m contented with my job right now all of a sudden.