Chomp Chomp: Overrated or worth the heat?


Even if you don’t leave near Serangoon or Hougang, you’ll have heard of the famous Chomp Chomp Food Centre. One of the most popular hawker centres in Singapore, is it worth the trip there, even if you live in Jurong?

Here’s our take on this.

The Bad

Transport and Location
It’s not near an MRT Station, so that’s a big turn-off. What’s even worse is the parking—finding a lot there is a challenge, and parking there is not for newbies. Firstly, every lot is usually taken and when you see an empty lot, you’ll have to squeeze in fast because there’ll be a line of cars behind you. And almost all the lots are parallel parking—so just cab there if you’ve got a P-plate.

You may like the crowd, but do you like the heat? When you’re inside the hawker centre, it’s hot and you can almost smell oil floating in the air. Understandably that it’s a hawker environment, but with the crowd, it makes things worse.

Have you ever tried to find a seat there? Good luck to you if you go there during peak hours (e.g. Saturday night), because you’ll have to wait, wait and wait, or simply stand beside a group of diners who could be finishing soon and give them “da stare”.

The Good

It’s undeniable that the food there is excellent—people travel all the way from Jurong, even from JB, just for the food. Seldom would anyone just makan a plate of Hokkien Mee there—they’ll have filled their table with chicken wings, seafood and the famous sugar cane drinks, because, let’s admit it, the food is heavenly. Too heavenly, in fact.


It’s hawker price, so what can you expect? There’s no crazy increase of the price just because it’s Chomp Chomp—while it can’t rival hawker centres in, say, JB, they’re reasonably priced.

So, do you think it’s overrated? You can see how much we love the food—so if you can overcome the location, environment and crowd, it’s worth the trip. If not, you can always make your way to JB—you’ll face the same transport, heat and crowd problems, but the food and price stay relatively well.

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